There is a another way

It’s almost impossible to turn on the news today, or open a newspaper, and not see a headline or hear a report about the shoddy state of American education. Our public schools are failing our students—it’s that simple. And the reason they’re failing is that the system doesn’t truly understand how to educate young people.

Montessori schools—those institutions that teach based on the principles explored by Maria Montessori—teach by a different method. And this method works.

Read these chapters to discover the secret of childhood. Change your family’s life and yours forever by revealing and healing the child in your arms and in your heart. Inside this book we’ll examine subjects such as:

• Secret of Childhood
• Absorbent Mind
• Peace and Education
• Miracle of Creation
• Evolution
• Six Stages of Man
• Human Values
• Discovery of the New Child
• Secrets of the Springs of Life

I’m excited to explore these ideas with you in this blog space. I hope you are, too.

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